Nurturing Success with Proof Positive

Proof Positive

Proof Positive, an innovative ePortfolio solution, provides organisations with easy management of apprenticeships and competency-based training. Developed by Metadeck, Proof Positive offers a range of key features to support organisations in delivering effective training programs. With a dedicated focus on support, security, and flexibility, Proof Positive has become a trusted platform for managing and tracking training progress.

The Challenge: Organisations across various industries faced challenges in managing and tracking competency-based training programs effectively. They needed a solution that could streamline the training process, provide a secure platform for document storage, and offer comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. The challenge was to develop an ePortfolio system that could address these requirements while being user-friendly and adaptable to different training scenarios.

The Solution: Metadeck collaborated closely with organisations to develop Proof Positive, an ePortfolio solution that simplifies competency-based training. By leveraging our expertise in software development, we created a platform that offers extensive support, system security, and customisable features. Proof Positive enables organisations to manage training programs, store and share training documents, and track progress effectively.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Supportive Features: Proof Positive provides organisations with dedicated support through a range of features. These include a dedicated account manager, an extensive library of training and troubleshooting materials, and the ability to suggest features to our development team. These features ensure that organisations receive personalised assistance and have access to resources that support their training programs.
  2. System and Security Features: Proof Positive offers a secure environment for managing training portfolios. Organisations benefit from a dedicated installation on a unique web address, a secure database and file system separate from other customers, and a dedicated cloud-based virtual server accessible from any device. The platform is fully secure and backed up, ensuring the safety and integrity of training data.
  3. Messaging Capabilities: Proof Positive includes robust messaging features, allowing users to communicate efficiently within the platform. Users have dedicated inboxes, can message user groups via bcc with one click, attach files to messages, and use rich text formatting. These features facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among trainers, learners, and other stakeholders.
  4. Learning Program Management: Proof Positive offers comprehensive learning program management capabilities. Users have instant access to the platform’s library of learning programs and can update learning program units and outcomes as required. The system also allows users to link common learning outcomes, saving time and ensuring consistency across training programs.
  5. Evidence Tracking and Feedback: Proof Positive features a smart online text editor with auto-save functionality, enabling users to create and edit evidence seamlessly. Candidates can reference multiple pieces of evidence within the text editor, and assessors have unlimited feedback opportunities on each piece of evidence. This comprehensive evidence tracking and feedback system streamline the assessment and review process.

Conclusion: Proof Positive, developed by Metadeck, simplifies the management and tracking of competency-based training programs. By providing extensive support, robust security, and customisable features, Proof Positive enables organisations to streamline training processes, store and share training documents securely, and track progress effectively. With its user-friendly interface and adaptability, Proof Positive has become a trusted ePortfolio solution for organisations across various industries.

At Metadeck, we take pride in developing innovative software solutions that address real-world challenges. The Proof Positive case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering user-focused and adaptable platforms that support organisations in their training and development initiatives.

In line with Metadeck’s ethos, every Proof Positive client receives a dedicated account manager and has access to an extensive library of training and troubleshooting materials. This commitment to long-term client success has helped make Proof Positive a preferred e-portfolio solution in the apprenticeship and competency-based training sphere.

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