Enhancing Community Engagement with ‘City Connections’

City of London

City Connections, an initiative by the City of London, sought Metadeck’s expertise to revamp their system for managing events and social prescribing interventions for the elderly. Their existing setup was plagued with an overly complicated user interface, reminiscent of free-to-use Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal. They needed a system that was not only efficient but also user-friendly.

The Metadeck Solution

Addressing the complexities of their existing setup, Metadeck developed a custom CMS using Laravel, designed specifically for the unique needs of City Connections. The new CMS provided an easy-to-use interface, successfully removing the unnecessary clutter commonly associated with other CMS options.

Our Laravel-powered CMS for City Connections included:

  • Events CMS: A user-friendly tool for effectively managing community events.
  • Jobs CMS: A straightforward solution for posting job opportunities and tracking applicants.
  • Social Prescribing Interventions CMS: An innovative feature allowing for efficient management of social prescribing interventions.
  • 3rd Party API Connectivity: Connecting to Elemental Softwares API to manage external social prescribing interventions.
  • Carer Links CMS: A dedicated section for organizing and maintaining important carer links.
  • Contact Forms CMS: A customizable system for managing contact forms, ensuring optimal user engagement.

Beyond Development: Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Once the development phase was over, we transitioned into a long-term support and maintenance contract with City Connections. Their website is hosted on Metadeck’s custom servers, renowned for high availability and speed, and benefits from our ongoing support and maintenance services.

From routine checks and timely updates to performance optimization and swift issue resolution, we continue to provide comprehensive support, underscoring our role as a digital partner committed to the long-term success of our clients.

The Outcome

With the new City Connections platform, the City of London employees can now manage community events, job postings, social interventions, carer links, and customer engagement more efficiently and intuitively. The custom CMS, coupled with our ongoing support and maintenance, ensures the platform consistently performs at its best. This transformation underscores the power of Laravel and Metadeck’s commitment to fostering client success through not just development, but comprehensive, long-term support.