Empowering Communication with the JAM Card Platform

The JAM Card Platform was developed to empower individuals with learning difficulties, autism, or Asperger’s to communicate their needs discreetly and effectively. Recognising the challenges faced by individuals with communication barriers, the JAM Card provided a simple and non-verbal way to convey their condition.

Digitising the JAM Card for Enhanced Accessibility and Reporting

Originally a plastic card, the JAM Card was transformed into a robust mobile app through collaboration with Creative Metrics. The app allowed users to digitalise the JAM Card, enabling enhanced functionality and reporting capabilities. The objective was to expand the app’s capabilities, making it more versatile and facilitating reporting on its usage.

Cost-Effective Cross-Platform Development for Scalability

To ensure cost-effectiveness and scalability, a cross-platform development approach was chosen for the app. By leveraging cross-platform technology, the app could be developed once and run seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices. This approach proved ideal for a data-driven app like the JAM Card Platform.

User Experience Recording and Integration with Google Places API

The app allowed users to record their experiences at local businesses, providing ratings and feedback to inform others about the disability-friendliness of establishments. To ensure scalability, the app integrated the Google Places API to access and display information about local businesses, eliminating the need for a custom database.

Enabling Improved Communication and Accessibility

The JAM Card Platform successfully empowered individuals with communication barriers, facilitating effective communication and raising awareness of disability-friendly businesses. The app’s scalability and user-friendly interface contributed to its success, providing a reliable and accessible solution for the target audience.