Driving Continuous Improvement with ‘Everybody Active 2020’

Sport Northern Ireland

When the team behind Everybody Active 2020 approached Metadeck, they were grappling with an underperforming Joomla CMS-based site. It was slow, particularly during peak times, which made it difficult for Council-employed coaches to record participant activities. Moreover, the Council and Sport NI staff only had access to activity reports at the end of each quarter – a significant bottleneck in an environment where real-time data is crucial.

Recognizing that a mere website refresh wouldn’t be enough, Metadeck set out to create a comprehensive solution that not only addressed these challenges but also ensured seamless operations in the future.

The Metadeck Solution

Using Laravel, we rebuilt the site from scratch, developing a custom CMS that was perfectly tailored to Everybody Active 2020’s needs. Our solution provided lightning-fast response times, dramatically improving the user experience for coaches.

Our Laravel-powered CMS included:

  • Activities CMS: A streamlined, user-friendly system for efficiently managing and recording activities.
  • Sports CMS: A dedicated space for organizing and tracking various sports.
  • Reporting Suite: An intuitive tool allowing for real-time access to reports, ensuring Council managers and Sport NI staff could make data-driven decisions quickly.
  • Secure Waiver File Uploads: A reliable and secure feature for uploading and storing necessary waiver files.

Beyond Development: Ongoing Support and Maintenance

But our engagement didn’t end with the site launch. Understanding the importance of continuous improvement and stability, we entered into a long-term support and maintenance contract with Everybody Active 2020.

Hosted on Metadeck’s custom servers, renowned for their high availability and speed, the site benefits from our comprehensive support and maintenance services. This includes routine checks, timely updates, performance optimization, and prompt issue resolution. Our commitment to being a digital partner, rather than just a service provider, has helped Everybody Active 2020 enjoy uninterrupted, optimal performance.

The Outcome

The new Everybody Active 2020 platform is more than a website; it’s a robust, scalable, and efficient activity recording and reporting system. Coaches can now record activities promptly, while Council managers and Sport NI staff enjoy immediate access to key reporting data, facilitating quicker, more informed decisions. Our ongoing support and maintenance ensure that this vital tool continues to serve Everybody Active 2020 effectively, demonstrating the power and flexibility of Laravel and Metadeck’s commitment to long-term client success.