5 Things We Learned From Laravel Live UK 2023

Published: June 26, 2023

Having recently returned from the whirlwind of innovation that was Laravel Live UK 2023, our team at Metadeck has had some time to reflect and digest the wealth of knowledge and insights we gained. The bustling streets of London and the palpable buzz of hundreds of developers coming together from around the globe created an inspiring backdrop for two days of non-stop learning. From keynotes by industry leaders to lively discussions with fellow Laravel enthusiasts, every moment was a chance to grow and evolve. In this blog post, we’ll distill our experience down to five key learnings that made a lasting impact and will undoubtedly shape our work in the months to come.

We’ve made the correct choice using Laravel Vapor

Joe Dixon speaking about Laravel Vapor

Watching Joe Dixon @_joedixon, a core member of the Laravel team, take the stage as the opening act of the conference was indeed a powerful start. As he delved into the benefits of using Laravel Vapor, a serverless deployment platform for Laravel, it reaffirmed our choice in Metadeck. Laravel Vapor, with its impressive scalability and efficiency, offers a robust platform that aligns perfectly with our development needs.

Having been on the serverless journey with Laravel Vapor for nearly four years now, we felt a sense of gratification as Joe enumerated its advantages. From effortless scaling and reduced server management to cost-effectiveness and seamless integration with Laravel, he painted a compelling picture of why Vapor is the go-to platform for deploying Laravel applications. As we listened to him, we couldn’t help but feel vindicated in our technological choice, which has empowered us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Scribe is a pretty cool tool

Scribe Logo

Another talk, another Laravel core team member, James Brooks (@jbrooksuk) delivered an excellent talk on Documenting Laravel APIs. In an era where APIs are the backbone of most web services, the importance of effective and easy-to-understand API documentation cannot be overstated. That’s where tools like Scribe come in. As we discovered at the conference, Scribe is not just a tool; it’s an ally for any developer working with APIs.

This ingeniously designed tool simplifies the generation of API documentation by merely annotating your code. By mimicking the sterling example of Stripe’s API documentation, Scribe delivers a user-friendly UI, making it effortless to discern the various features available on a given API.

Scribe shines in its versatility. From generating elegant single-page HTML documentation with clear text and code samples to producing a Postman collection and OpenAPI spec, Scribe is genuinely comprehensive. It exhibits ‘smarts’ by extracting request parameter details from FormRequests or validation rules and even safely calling API endpoints to acquire sample responses.

The extent of its customisability is equally impressive. Adjust the UI, the text, the ordering, or the examples, or change the UI itself if you wish. You can also add custom strategies to modify how data is extracted or statically define extra endpoints or information that isn’t in your codebase. Truly, Scribe proves itself to be a nifty tool in the developer’s arsenal.

Livewire + Filament are Amazing

This year’s conference left us thoroughly impressed with the robust capabilities of Livewire and Filament. These powerful tools have garnered our appreciation, and rightly so, due to the remarkable ease of use and speed of development they facilitate.

Livewire, an incredibly productive full-stack framework for Laravel, stood out in terms of its effective patterns for rapidly building dynamic interfaces. Its talk on best practices not only gave us a deep-dive into its functionalities but also provided us with valuable insights on how to leverage them optimally and securely.

In parallel, Filament, a Laravel admin panel package, was the star of the show with its elegant simplicity and rapid application development capabilities. The demonstration on “Rapid Application Development with Filament” left us inspired to exploit the full potential of this tool. We also got a sneak peek into Filament v3 and the addition excellent new functionality shown in the picture above.

In fact, we at Metadeck are already capitalising on the benefits these frameworks offer. With a new product idea in the works, our team has jumped headfirst into setting up a new project utilising both Livewire and Filament. We are excited about the efficiencies and the advancements we expect to achieve through these tools. Watch this space for more updates!

Security is King

Darren Chowles speaking about Laravel Application Security

Security has always been at the forefront of our considerations at Metadeck, a principle that was only reinforced at Laravel Live UK 2023. Darren Chowles’ (@darren_chowles) presentation on “Securing your Laravel Application” was a timely reminder of how paramount security is in today’s digital world.

Darren shed light on the latest attack vectors, an enlightening session that refreshed our approach to developing and maintaining applications. Keeping abreast of such trends is vital in ensuring the protection of our applications and the data they hold.

But what made this session truly invaluable were the numerous practical tips and resources Darren shared with us. His “Laravel Application Security Checklist” was a comprehensive guide that we believe should be mandatory reading for any Laravel developer. Tools like TruffleHog, which help to detect potential leaks of sensitive data, further enriched our security toolbox.

At Metadeck, we are committed to keeping our security standards at the pinnacle. Sessions like these provide us with the knowledge and tools to ensure that we remain at the top of our game in the realm of security.

Free Beer Rocks!

Metadeck's CEO, Declan, networking over beers

As we reflect on our enriching experience at Laravel Live UK 2023, one aspect that stands out, and we believe is integral to such events, is networking. And when this networking comes with the bonus of free beer, well, who are we to complain?

These interactions with fellow attendees often prove to be treasure troves of fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and invaluable industry insights. Sharing our experiences, discussing challenges, and swapping tips and tricks over a pint of beer always has a unique charm to it. These informal conversations often provide us with insights and inspirations that we can bring back to our work at Metadeck.

Our CEO, Declan, was no exception, as he dove into these exchanges with gusto (and a beer in hand!). His interactions with attendees, as depicted in the image, were the perfect blend of fun and productive dialogue. And indeed, as the saying goes, the best ideas often come from unexpected conversations at unexpected times.

In the dynamic world of technology that we navigate, staying updated and open to new concepts is crucial. Networking at events like Laravel Live provides an excellent platform for this. And when it’s coupled with free beer, it just makes the experience that much better. So here’s to great conversations, fresh insights, and of course, free beers!

This concludes our review of the Laravel Live UK 2023 conference. A vibrant amalgamation of learning, networking, and yes, beer!